After having gained valuable experience at various tax-consulting firms, I have decided to found my own firm, Taxtics. In most tax-consulting firms, clients have multiple points of contact. This often leads to inefficiencies and frustration. Often, leadtimes are long and clients receive invoices even for minor questions or simple phonecalls.

As entrepreneur it is important to have clarity on what to expect from service providers. This is why Taxtics works with fixed prices whenever possible.  Also, you only have one point of contact and can expect a reply within 24 hours on your questions. Our core values are:

  1. Transparency
  2. Reachability
  3. Direct communication
  4. Clear pricing
  5. Clear explanation and time for questions

 Experience tells that every fiscal question or problem can be answered with an appropriate solution.
As a member of the Registry of Tax-Consultants (Register Belastingadviseurs - RB) I am required to keep my professional knowledge updated, in order to warrant quality of service to my clients.

I help small entrepreneurs that have just started their entrepreneurial journey, but am also experienced in advising founders, shareholders, Private Limited firms (BV's) and larger freelance (ZZP) entrepreneurs that require specific assistance to keep their fiscal- and administrative affairs in order.

Since I enjoy the international fiscal practice, servicing expats and international firms with their fiscal affairs in the Netherlands is within my field of expertise. Expats often should apply the 30% ruling and have to file income tax declarations in multiple countries. International firms on the other hand often have complex VAT-issues arising and have to file ICP declarations and perform Intrastat reporting. These are issues that require specific expertise. 

Throughout the years, next to having built my own expertise, I have also built a strong network of specialists to refer to for case-specific requirements. As such Taxtics gladly assists you with any fiscal- or administrative issues.

If you have have a fiscal question or need help with your administration, please contact Taxtics, and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

 Simona Henny-Martisova LLM RB

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Don't hesitate and contact us. You will receive a reply as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.