How can TAXTICS be of service to you?

Entrepreneurs exist in all types and sizes. There are those that classify as entrepreneurs for income taxes -think about self-employed (ZZP) entrepreneurs- but also Private Limited firms (BV's) and cooperatives. Through its experience, Taxtics can serve entrepreneurs of all types with suitable advise. Furthermore, Taxtics provides private individuals with all the needful fiscal assistance. 

Our core values are:

  • Pro-active
  • Transparent
  • Personal
  • Digital
  • Appropriate tariffs


All entrepreneurs will have to deal with VAT, also known as revenue-tax.
VAT-regulation is rather complex, especially when international transactions are concerned.
It is likely that supply of goods- or services are exempt from VAT, something that many entrepreneurs are not aware of. Taxtics can assist you with the following services for VAT-related issues:

  • Monthly- or Quarterly VAT Declarations
  • VAT-advice
  • ICP-Declarations
  • Intrastat Reporting

It is unavoidable that each year, most private individuals and entrepreneurs must file their income-tax declarations. Many people can manage this by themselves, especially due to the pre-filled declarations that the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst) provides. Unfortunately, these pre-filled declarations are not always correct. For instance, incorrect classifications are applied to incomes or deductibles, which can lead to incorrect or sub-optimal declarations being filed. This is why it is important to diligently check declarations before filing them.

Since fiscal legislation is continuously changing, it is difficult for most people to keep a clear view of relevant issues. Taxtics gladly provides you with fitting advice.

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Taxtics provides its services fully digitally using professional software suites. Of course it is also possible to process your paper administration.
Your administration is updated on a monthly basis and for a fixed tariff. For smaller entrepreneurs and self-employed (ZZP) it is often possible to process the administration only once per year.

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For Private Limited firms (Besloten Vennootschappen - BV's), Taxtics provides the corporate income tax declarations and also deposits the annual statements with the Chamber of Commerce as required. Additionally, we provide fiscal advice for BV's and large shareholders (Directeur Grootaandeelhouders - DGA's owning more than 5% of a BV).

To arrive at a correct tax declaration, we usually provide the following:

  • Financial administration
  • VAT-Declaration
  • Current-account contracts
  • Annual Statements
  • Depositing of Annual Statements at the CoC

Have you just started as a self-employed freelancer (ZZP) or are you a seasoned entrepreneur? With Taxtics, you have found the right partner to assist you with your administration, fiscal advice and declarations for VAT- and income-tax and corporate income tax.

Self-employed freelancers (ZZP'ers) have to take into account a lot of regulation which is also rapidly evolving. Experience is critical in applying this regulation appropriately. Taxtics has this experience and gladly guides you in your decision-making as entrepreneur.

  • Administration of purchase- and sales-invoices
  • Drafting of invoices to raise to clients (in case this is desired)
  • Advice for self-employed- and starter-deductions
  • VAT Declarations
  • ICP Declarations
  • Income-tax declarations

For freighting of goods via road-transport, freight carriers have to obtain a valid license. These licenses, issued by the National- and International Road-transport Organization (NIWO), ensure that domestic- and border-crossing professional goods transport is functioning appropriately. 

NIWO issues licenses only to parties complying to the following requirements:

  • Professional certification
  • Declaration of good behavior (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag - VOG NP / VOG RP)
  • Balance sheet or capital-declaration including a valid declaration from for instance a member of the Tax Advisor Registry (RB-lid).

As member of the Registry of Tax Advisors (RB), Taxtics can guide the full registration of the NIWO-application for you, and sign the required declarations. Feel free to contact Taxtics for your request.

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Taxtics provides the income-tax declarations for expats and (international) private individuals. Often, expats apply for the 30%-ruling and will have to file income-tax declarations both in the Netherlands as well as in their country of origin. Taxtics advises expats with specific expertise and files the income-tax declarations. By applying our experience in the services provided, Taxtics can prevent unnecessary double-taxation.

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Have your received an M-Form (M-Biljet) or C-Form (C-Biljet)? Taxtics can process them for you digitally and file them directly with the Tax Authorities.

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Do you have any question or issue that does not fit under the above categories? Please contact us with your query. Due to our broad experience and network of experts, quite likely, we can be of service to you.

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Simona Martisova has a very high level of professionalism and expertise. I have had my personal and corporate tax returns done by her. She is forward thinking, attentive and has a very pro-active approach. On top of that she is very responsive, easy to contact and very tech-enabled. Would highly recommend.
Lisa en Iselle - Webstrijd
Lisa and Iselle - Webstrijd
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If you are looking for a professional bookkeeper, Simona of Taxtics is the right fit. As entrepreneur, it gives a lot of comfort to outsource your administration. Simona is very helpful and explains everything clearly until you understand it. This helps avoid frustrations. This is why Taxtics can really be recommended for every entrepreneur, so that they can focus on what they are good at!
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Personal and professional assistance with tax-declarations. For our tax-declarations we have contracted Mrs. Henny-Martisova. She provided us with clear explanation and really took sufficient time for us. This is why we also recommended her with family-members, and she has helped our aunt perfectly. Very happy for the services, at a normal price.


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